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Privacy on Your iPhone — a Settings Checklist

This checklist is to help you choose Settings for your iPhone based on how much you prefer to keep information about yourself to yourself and how much you are willing to share with total strangers in the hopes of a "more personalized experience"  — which may include targeted advertising and building a personal profile of you and your device by data brokers. It's your personal information, so you should decide who gets to see, capture, and use your data for their own purposes.

I've organized the list in the order they appear in the Settings app, describing what each can do, and an @ line indicating the Settings screen where it is found.

This list is for Settings in iOS 16.6 (August 2023).

This is about Privacy, not Security. It's about the information you give away to Apps, developers, websites, and their advertisers about yourself and your iPhone. (A separate document will focus on Security — how to avoid having your passwords, accounts, and data stolen from your device or accounts.)

This first group of Privacy-related settings are all located inside the Apple ID area, the section which shows your own name at the very top of the main Settings screen:

The following settings are reached from the first or main screen of Settings, not the Apple ID section.

Privacy & Security
Apple lumps them together at the bottom of a Settings panel because they are related, though different. The P&S screen is full of stuff that affects who can see what data about you when you are using various Apps.

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Posted August 30, 2023