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Photographic Memory
Using the Photos App Using Apple's Photos App to Keep Photos

Recovery of a bricked Apple device How to Restart a "Bricked" Apple Device

Passwords Redux Deluxe Revisited
Password rules updated 2024 Rethinking Passwords to Cope with Modern Hacking

Wonderful Spam!
How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Live With Spam

SPAM webpage

Introduction to PASSKEYS

passkeys introduction Keynote PDF

Software Update Checklist for iPhone & iPad


Message Settings
Using Apple's Message App with all your Apple Devices

instruction PDF

Privacy Settings for iPhones


Shortcuts App for iPhone Automation


Apple ID Theft: Use Screen Time to Hide Your Apple ID Settings

Screen Time
  • Screen Time can help protect your Apple ID if your Passcode is stolen with your iPhone — but only if you set it in advance.
  • How to act quickly to prevent the theft of your Apple ID, iCloud content, Keychain, Passwords, and email — your entire digital life.
  • Tips on choosing a 4-digit passcode where there's no other option allowed.
  • April 2023 rev.— 6 Page PDF 1.9 MB

Wi-Fi Troubleshooting — Do It Yourself Checklist

Wi-Fi troubleshooting checklist
  • What should your Wi-Fi speed be?
  • How do you fix it if it gets too slow or quits working?
  • Do it yourself in just a few minutes with this checklist.
  • January 2023 — webpage

Preparing for an Upgrade or Update

webpages icon

Checklist to prepare for running Updates and Upgrades

Your Privacy Settings — a checklist

Setting logo

FreeUp System Data Space to Run Software Updates

  • iPhone's own System writes a lot of temporary data to our iPhones which we cannot control. Sometimes that data takes up space needed to run iOS Software Updates. If removing unused Apps and stuff such as Music (which can be reloaded) isn't enough to allow Software Update to Run, a full Reset of the iPhone can free this space. This short PDF tells and shows how to do this when all else fails. Backup first!
  • June 2022 — 1 page PDF  2 MB

Block Unwanted Email Addresses
silence unknown text messages Settings to Block Specific Addresses from Reaching Your Inbox

  • Settings for iPhone, iPad & Mac to keep emails from specific addresses from reaching your inbox. Focuses on the Settings which need to be made before you can block an address from within Apple's Mail App. An illustrated Keynote presentation saved as a PDF.
  • May 2022 — Block Unwanted Emails (11.8 MB PDF)

Silence Unknown Text Messages
silence unknown text messages Settings to Stop Message Notifications from Unknown Senders

  • Settings for iPhone, iPad & Mac to stop text notifications from unknown senders. This illustrated PDF was based on a class Keynote presentation, and was updated April 18th.
  • April 2022 — Silence Unknown Messages (7-pg PDF)

Battery Checkup
battery checkup Settings to change to improve Battery Health and Charge

  • Everything from the brightness of your screen and chosen wallpaper to how often your iPhone checks for new Mail affects how long your battery lasts.
  • April 2022 — Battery Checkup Setting (webpage)

Is It Safe?
Why I wait to install new software releases for up to a week or more

Marathon Man dentest
  • I don't recommend installing new releases of updated Operating Systems for Apple products until several days to a week (or more) after release to await public feedback and testing. Then I tell you when it is safe. Here's what I'm checking out and waiting for before signaling the All Clear - and why it matters.
  • March 2022 — Is It Safe (webpage)

Creating Your Own iPhone Lockscreen Image
custom homescreen wallpaper Even add a phone number to call if someone finds your iPhone

  • PDF of instructions for taking a Photo and turning it into a custom Lockscreen image that even has an emergency phone number for someone to call if they find your lost iPhone.
  • January 2022 — 2 page PDF    only 51 K

Apple Pay & Adding Cards to Your Wallet
Illustrated guide to adding Wallet Cards on iPhone

Wallet Cards Setup PDF

Public Wi-Fi Risks
Unsecured Wireless Network Warnings & Tips

Wi-Fi Warnings page
  • EUROPOL maintains a site on cybercrime, complete with information graphics about the dangers of using unencrypted Wi-Fi. We have reposted their main informational graphics regarding unsecured Wi-Fi networks.
  • June 2021 — EUROPOL Public Wi-Fi Warnings (web)

Using Your iPhone as a Hotspot
How to use your iPhone's Cellular data as your Mac's network

instruction PDF
  • This illustrated guide shows how to activate the iPhone's Hotspot option (if your carrier supports it) to use your iPhone as a broadband connection for your Mac when you don't have a WiFi connection.
  • April 2021 — 2 page PDF   1 MB

Backups & Restoring for Macs, iPhones, iPads

web links
  • 3–2–1 Backup Plan explained
  • Links to Apple's instructions on backups and Time Machine, plus links to third-party software for backups and cloning.
  • April 2021 — Web links updated and verified

Gmail Account Settings for Apple's Mail App
Checking and correcting default settings for Gmail accounts

instruction PDF
  • This illustrated guide walks you through all of the settings for your Gmail email account in iOS 14 so your Gmail account will work properly in the default Apple Mail app.
  • October 2020 — 3 page PDF  2.5 MB

Protecting Your Locked iPhone

  • Apple's default settings must be changed to protect even a locked iPhone from unauthorized use while locked. More details on one of the sections mentioned in our February Security PDF.
  • May 2020 — 1 page PDF  1.1 MB

Security: Basic iPhone Settings

  • Security Settings for securing logins, passcodes & lock screens on iPhones, illustrated with explanations of major settings.
  • February 2020 — 4 page PDF  1.9 MB

How to Offload Apps Without Losing Your Data

  • iPhones & iPads can offload applications to reclaim storage space, then reinstall the app later with its data intact.
  • August 2019 — 1 page PDF  0.7 MB

Is the email you've trashed being deleted or archived?

  • How to delete trashed email instead of archiving it on your email host's server.
  • July 2019 — 1 page PDF  1.2 MB

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