Customizing WebDirect Opener Links

Customizing WebDirect Opener Links

This sample page opens a FileMaker database via FM13 WebDirect.

The sample links on this page work only on computers which have FMServer 13 and the "FMServer_Sample" file installed and served to the web via their localhost address.

Instructions for modifying the WebDirect homepage file to use a custom website URL are also provided on a separate page.

Creating a WebDirect Link to a specific FM Databases

This link code is provided as an example only, to assist you in developing your own URLs for WebDirect launcher sites:

<a href="https://localhost/fmi/webd#FMServer_Sample">Click</a>


button to open web direct file

This example button opens the FMServer_Sample file when used from computers running FMServer 13 with the "FMServer_Sample" file hosted via their localhost address.

You can setup as many buttons or links to individual WebDirect files as you want, while omitting any files you don't want users opening directly, and provide your own instructions to users on your custom webpage. If you have multiple FMServer machines, you can even place links to files on different servers on the same webpage.

It's now up to you to provide WebDirect access as you want it to appear on your own webpages!

While this technique lets you use your own webpages to open your files, when users exit any WebDirect file, they still are dumped out to an unappealing file-list view by default.

However, you can also change those defaults!

Do not rely on this page for future testing of your server setup, as we may rename, remove, or revise this page at any time.