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Virtual Coin Cabinet

Coin Collection & Inventory Software

Now you can produce coin tags, illustrated catalogs, lists and web pages for your collection — all with the click of a button. The Virtual Coin Cabinet handles any coins, medals, tokens, casino chips — even those unusual items most collection software programs just won't accommodate.

VCC 3 for FileMaker 13/14 and iOS (2014)

VCC 3 files for FileMaker 13 and 14 are now available!

Essentially the same as the previous version, except these files are completely unlocked for you to modify and use on the latest Windows and Mac operating system version, as well as with iOS devices.

VCC 2v9 (2010)

Version 2v9, built on FileMaker 10, has no 2GB file size limit as did the early releases, and it opens older files which had reached 2GB and no longer opened. It improves the handling of program windows on larger monitors, allowing users to resize their main screen during each session. It is also more compatible with most computer operating systems released from 2007 to 2012.

Minimum System Requirements are listed on the VCC 2v9 Installer Downloads page.

Collectors of all types

Easily manage your collection or inventory

We programmed all the hard stuff.  Enjoy!

Coin Dealers!

Software designed with coin dealers in mind