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The Virtual Coin Cabinet (VCC)


We originally released VCC as a FileMaker Runtime Application for Macintosh and Windows in 1999. After several upgrades, we made the software available as a free download in 2007, and quit charging for it. Another release with better compatibility for updated computer systems was released in 2010 (VCC2v9).

Those obsolete Runtime files were discontinued in 2011, and are no longer available for download.

Notice: All of our self-running VCC applications (FM Runtimes) were 32-bit applications which will not launch on operating systems which run only 64-bit software. If you upgrade your computer to a 64-bit-only operating system, the older VCC software will not run.


We stopped using FileMaker's now-discontinued runtime engine in 2011, offering instead fully-unlocked FileMaker files to replace the Virtual Coin Cabinet software. (The unlocked files require FileMaker Pro 14 or later.)

Warning: Please remember that nobody can assure the compatability of software from decades ago, or even last month, with a newer operating system.

VCC Unlocked Files Temporarily Available

For those who who want to use unlocked VCC files with their own copy of FileMaker software, the following download is provided.

download button for unlocked files

VCC Unlocked files — (711 KB)
These files require FileMaker Pro or FM Go software (version 14 or later) which is not included.

Compatibility: VCC Unlocked Files can be run on any computing device on which FieMaker Pro or FileMaker Go is installed, including Windows, Macintosh, iPhones & iPads.

Support: because unlocked files are completely user-modifiable, we cannot provide support for them.

Warning: These unlocked files may be removed from our website in the near future, as we are no longer directly supporting this software.

Support for FileMaker software is available directly from FileMaker/Claris.

Support for Obsolete VCC Runtimes

The original support documents for obsolete VCC versions 2–2v9 are provided here:

Note: the VCC Runtimes referenced in these support documents are 32-bit applications which won't run on 64-bit operating systems, and FileMaker/Claris no longer licenses or supports any runtimes.

Support for current FileMaker software is available directly from FileMaker/Claris.

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