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About Data ex Machina

The 5 Ws

Experience Counts

We began using FileMaker software in the 1980s for all of our business records — customers, inventory, financials, and to generate illustrated product catalogs from our inventory data. By the 1990s, our customers were asking us to provide them with similar systems.

In 1999, we released our first FileMaker Runtime to the public, joined FileMaker’s Solutions Alliance, and put Data ex Machina on the web to simplify file distribution and expand our customer support.

We've provided custom FileMaker solutions to hundreds of individuals, businesses, and non-profits since then, and even provided in-house development on legacy FM systems. Our FileMaker solutions have been downloaded by thousands of users around the world.

FileMaker Inc recognized Stephen at their 2012 FileMaker Developers Conference as a top contributor to their FileMaker Technical Network (TechNet) which provides support and advice among over 60,000 FileMaker users worldwide.

About that Name

The name Data ex Machina is adapted from an ancient Greek theatrical term — deus ex machina (the god from the machine) — a plot device used when a story had become so confused that the only way to resolve all of the characters’ predicaments was to mechanically lower a god onto the stage to sort it all out in the final scene.

We're also about getting your data into and out of your computers in useful and meaningful formats to improve your work and business.

We Can Help

We designed our first data system 30 years ago, and we've been developing FileMaker solutions for over 25 years, so we can provide experienced help without all the drama.

Contact us for custom development, new feature requests, or support.